Monica Vinader Bracelets

Published: 27th May 2011
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Jewellery is more than just an ornament, an accessory; jewelry is a representation of your personality, your relations, an occasion and so much more. It is not mere an adornment, but the meaning goes deeper. Women around the globe cherish their jewellery and not just because of the precious stones, or the metal used in making it, but because of the meaning it holds for them. A wedding ring for example, is a piece of jewellery that has so much emotional value that it is irreplaceable. Due to the delicate association we have with jewellery, a lot of thought goes into the purchase.

Designers like Monica Vinader, with her breath taking designs have made this process a lot easier. Monica Vinader is one of the leading jewellery designers in UK, and a well known international name. Her popularity touched new heights after getting awarded the best jewellery designer in the UK in 2009. Today Monica Vinader is the hot story in every glossy magazine, the must have piece of jewellery being worn by celebrities. Even some of the biggest A-listers have been seen wearing her designs. She has paved her way to the top and is there to stay with her unique designs.

Monica Vinader has an eye for the intricate details in nature, and builds on those little details. In fact nature is her biggest inspiration, the earth’s elements are used in innovative ways to create stunning master pieces. Her home in north Norfolk itself was surrounded by a serene canvas of nature, the open skies, endless marshes and coastline are all a treat to the eye and truly inspirational. Monica Vinader is an adventurous person and to fulfill this need, she has travelled extensively. Each time to a different region with new experiences to quench her artistic hunger and you can see in her work the influence of the different cultures she has experienced. Her jewellery incorporates natural elements; they also have ethnic roots but the design is always contemporary. Monica Vinader designs are elegant, extravagant and simple, this simplicity maybe their appeal.

Her bracelets are the talk of the town; everyone has to have a Fiji bracelet of their choice. The Fiji bracelets are beautiful, delicate bracelets made of silver or gold and a colored band. The colored band is the identity of the Fiji bracelet. But not only beautiful, these bracelets actually stand for something, each bracelets has a deep symbolical meaning attached to it, which makes every one of them unique and special. There are bracelets for prosperity, success, love and peace amongst other things. These bracelets allow you to communicate your belief, or want or even superstition; these are a great way to express your personality.

Monica Vinader is a designer with a conscience, she has launched a new line of bracelets called the "Japan relief bracelets", collaborating with Elle to help the flood affected in Japan, these bracelets are just £20 and the money goes to rebuilding parts of Japan devastated by the 2011 earthquakes.

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